32 Jokes Only "Orange Is The New Black" Fans Will Understand

“You don’t go Jessica Simpson when you’ve got Rihanna.”

1. Waiting an *eternity before each episode actually begins.

*probably only just over one minute

3. Classic mom jokes:

4. This image that will haunt your dreams forever:

5. This valuable life lesson:

6. Laura Prepon’s incredible foresight:

7. This clever mashup:


8. The struggle/blessing of having so many amazing lead characters.

9. This unavoidable truth:

11. When you finally watched the show after peer pressure from your friends:

12. This accurate chart: / Via Keely Flaherty

See even more here.

13. Running to pee between episodes:

14. When the Alex/Piper fandom take control:


15. And when the Taystee/Poussey fans set things right.

16. When Piper thought her life was going to hell…

… and Andy wasn’t having it.


17. This never-ending cycle:

18. And this feeling:

19. The true identity of that female doctor:


21. Jared Leto feeling Piper’s struggle:

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

22. The power of Alex Vause.

23. ALL that power.

24. This promising musical set list:


25. Ice cream, in general.


26. Larry casually watching his favorite show in Season 1.

He is watching Weeds, also directed by Jenji Kohan.

27. The subtle difference between a “wife” and a “partner” :


28. President Obama’s feisty quip:

29. When piper loses her ~ cool ~ :

30. This American Pie reference:

31. Larry being all observant:

32. Ah, poor Larry.


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