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    27 Things I Overheard At James Franco's Pace Gallery Opening

    "Selfie and leave?"

    This month, the New York City Pace Gallery is showing "James Franco: New Film Stills," in which Franco recreates Cindy Sherman's untitled film stills.

    I attended the public opening reception to – honestly – try and see him in person. I did not. I did, however, hear a lot of things.

    1. "This would only be reasonable if they were giving out free pizza."

    2. "Holy shit," said pretty much everyone approaching the mile-long line outside.

    3. "This is so depressing."

    4. "Take a picture?"

    5. "Take a selfie!"

    6. "It will honestly be the best selfie of my night," said someone looking for James Franco.

    7. "Just live your life, don't worry about what someone's doing on their phone."

    When you get free wine, things can get pretty philosophical.

    8. "Wait – okay turn to me, like you're talking to me."

    9. "Oh my god! Why did my phone just turn off?" - Woman having an actual panic attack.

    10. "I don't mind it... but I don't like it."

    I then realized these individuals were not discussing Franco's work.

    11. "It would be such a fun Instagram pic!"

    12. "Wow, I look so tan next to him."

    13. "Did you take it!? Is it good!? Take one more," some woman holding one of the photographs hostage.

    14. "Let me try a flash, you can't see your face."

    15. "Find one we can Instagram."

    16. "So...selfie and leave?"

    17. "Are those models? Those girls look like models."

    18. "Take one of me and then we need one together."

    19. "There's so much going on... but it's just him. I'm like actually having an epiphany."

    20. "They have super thick glass, have you noticed? I noticed."

    *touches glass*

    21. "I just love him so much."

    22. "I go to a LOT of art openings, so I can say – this stuff isn't bad."

    23. *Laughter* – Some guy just pointing and laughing at a piece.

    24. "He's probably inside."

    25. "Is he here?"

    26. "I don't think he's here."

    27. "I'm sad James Franco isn't actually here."