27 Painfully Honest Cake Messages

    These cakes hope you can handle the truth, even if it hurts.

    1. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.

    2. Lies can hold you back from living your life.

    3. Honesty can help you get a fresh start.

    4. So let's just be straightforward with one another.

    5. Just lay it all out there.

    6. Stop trying to sugar-coat everything.

    7. Let your expectations be known clearly.

    8. When you screw up, admit it.

    9. Even when the situation is uncomfortable.

    10. It will make everyone feel better.

    11. Remember to be specific in your apology.

    12. Very specific.

    13. Celebrate your friends' milestones openly.

    14. And remember to treasure your own.

    15. Never hold back your feelings regarding others.

    16. Sometimes it's refreshing to hear the truth.

    17. If you can handle the truth.

    18. Let your loved ones know you appreciate them.

    19. Make them feel special and unique each day.

    20. Especially on important days.

    21. Coworkers should know their worth as well.

    22. Get your point across quickly.

    23. And clearly.

    24. Lay your feelings on the line.

    25. There's no shame in knowing what you want.

    26. Then again, sometimes the truth can hurt.

    27. So always focus on the positive.

    And use your best judgement, especially with cakes.