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20 Restrooms That Don't Give A Fuck About What's Between Your Legs

Just do your business.

1. This bathroom literally couldn't care less, as long as you put the seat back down:

2. This party potty knows we are gathered here today only to get through this thing called a bowel movement:

3. These works of art just want you to get your business done.

4. This type A bathroom respects the rules and lays it all out (but also doesn't give a fuck about your personal life):

5. Could. Not. Care. Less:

6. Feelin' butch? Feelin' fab? Great, hurry up there's a huge line out here:

7. These dapper flappers only hope you, at the very least, remember to wash your hands:

8. And this loo accepts all life forms:

9. Seriously. Come one, come all, and don't forget to flush:

10. Maybe you'd prefer one position to another? Whatever helps you work through that indian buffet from lunch:

11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :

12. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go — just don't graffiti the goddamn stalls:

13. Lady, gent, human with amazing hair? Get in here and get it done:

14. Royal blood or commoner, you're welcome on this porcelain throne:

15. Viking lord or lady? Rest your Norse arse on this seat and raid the TP:

16. Gals n' guys? Unzip those flies!

17. This WC doesn't care if you don't agree, just fuckin' pee:

18. Punk is alive and well in this toilet for the masses:

19. What's behind this magical door? Probably a bunch of toilets for you to sit on! How glorious:

20. You can cut it anyway you like, just don't leave the sink on:

21. And really, there are so many other important things you should be focusing on while in the restroom, like your aim: