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    18 Store Signs That Are Actually Pure Poetry

    Beauty truly is all around us.

    1. This rambling ode to physical existence.

    2. This ominous grocery store message.

    3. These two posters working in tandem to remind us that we're all in this together.

    4. This beautiful and profound clothing store sign.

    5. This passive aggressive piece of art.

    6. This changing room sign that wants you to keep an open mind.

    7. This poetic ego boost that justifies all our existence.

    8. The sign that Yoda wrote.

    9. This bar sign that is both cryptic and emotional.

    10. This little turn o' phrase.

    11. This short, but immeasurably powerful, statement.

    12. This warning that plays with both style and format.

    13. This sign in a tattoo parlor, which questions every choice you've ever made up until this point.

    14. This sign that has no other purpose but to open your mind to new thoughts.

    15. This piece of art that begs us to ask, who is he?

    16. This warning that's filled with vivid imagery.

    17. This short ode to liquor.

    18. Oh, the existential agony.

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