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Just A Few Things You Should Know About LP Before You Fall In Love With Her

Oh yes, you will fall for this indie heartthrob – and fall hard.

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If her name doesn't ring a bell, buckle up and press play. The School Of Mad Crushes is in session and LP is the topic at hand.

2. Shy about her powerful voice, LP would sing over lawnmowers or vacuum cleaners as a kid. Now she wails and proudly slays on the ukulele.


3. She will reach into the depths of your soul with her music. When she sings acoustically, it's somehow even more soaring and powerful.

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4. Growing up, LP never had the chance to tell her mother she was gay.

"My mom died before she knew I was gay, and my dad thought it was a phase, then realized it wasn't. But I didn't really give a shit either way. I still don't," stated LP in a 2008 interview.

5. After bouncing around between labels, she found success as a songwriter, co-writing "Cheers (Drink to That)" for Rihanna – which features a vocal hook performed by LP.

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She also co-wrote "Beautiful People," sung by Christina Aguilera.


7. She brings new meaning to the line, "I wear my sunglasses at night."

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"I would wear sunglasses all the time if it wasn't looked down upon in certain situations. I always thought I'd be someone who wore sunglasses like Roy Orbison," explains the singer. Unsurprisingly, she can really jam out a Roy Orbison cover.

9. When she's with her girlfriend, the world probably stops turning for a moment due to their perfection.

10. LP's androgynous sense of style is unmatched in its flawlessness – she makes the suit game look almost too easy.

"I have a lot of stories about being mistaken for a guy. Women with their daughters running from bathrooms in the Midwest, going 'What are you doing in this bathroom?' It's like, 'Easy does it, lady. Everybody calm down; your daughter's safe.'"


11. Strangely enough, her signature single cross earring has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

"I’m not an organized religion person, so the earring isn’t about that. It’s a very pure symbol to me so I don’t know, I like it," the singer explains.

12. A compulsive whistler, she can and will destroy you in a whistling competition any day of the week.

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13. When little kids cover her songs, it will bring a tear to your eye 100% of the time – every time.

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