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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    12 People Who Weren't Ready For The Plot Twist


    1. Anyone who reads this unbelievable rant:

    2. This guy who made all the wrong assumptions:

    3. Anyone who doesn't see what is so clearly wrong with this wedding:

    4. The totally unaware college roommate:

    5. And the guy who offered this charming love advice:

    6. This person who quickly learned not everything is always what it seems:

    7. And the Tumblr commenter who walked right into this:

    8. And the person who made all the wrong assumptions:

    9. This charming sexting expert who got exactly what he asked for:

    10. And this one too:

    11. Whoever created this tough decision but didn't see the loophole:

    12. And the seven people who didn't see this coming:

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