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    11 Awkward Situations Bisexual Folks Are Tired Of Dealing With

    "But I thought only girls could be bi?"

    1. Answering outrageously personal questions:

    Kindly direct them to this chart:

    2. "But only girls can be bisexual!"

    3. The never-ending saga of threesome inquires/jokes/comments:

    4. Answering this question:

    5. People thinking you simply haven't made up your mind yet...

    6. ...or that you're being super slutty:

    7. When you are in a relationship, people think *poof* you're not bi anymore.

    8. Feeling pressure to simply choose a side:

    9. Your girlfriends won't trust you around boys, and your boyfriends don't trust you around girls.

    10. Having everyone question the label you choose:

    11. As if all that isn't exhausting enough, you run into some people who don't "believe" your orientation exists:

    It's like they simply CANNOT wrap their brain around the concept:

    Because obviously, you are just lying to yourself and the world:

    So when you get frustrated, just remember what Woody Allen said:

    Also, remember that you are in fantastic company: