Evan Rachel Wood Is Doing It For All The Bisexual Ladies Out There

“This is a part of who I am, and I’m old enough to really know who I am by now.” The starlet sets the record straight on being a bisexual woman married to a man.

1. Evan Rachel Wood has become Hollywood’s most notable out bisexual.

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From an interview on her coming out experience and recent pregnancy with The Daily Beast.

2. And she didn’t take coming out of the closet lightly:

“I wanted to wait for the right time and wait to have enough years under my belt where people knew that it wasn’t a phase or anything and I wasn’t doing it for attention.”

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3. Wood first opened up about being bisexual in a 2011 interview with Esquire:

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and if god didn't want me loving both men AND women then he shouldn't have made them both so god damn beautiful. ;) goodnight everybody!!

— evanrachelwood (@Evan Rachel Wood)

7. One time she saw Katherine Moennig (Shane from The L Word) at a farmer’s market and tweaked out, as any other lady-loving person would:

Haha. I would have slurred my words. Next time. But yea, you are amazing. Helped me realize who i am. Big fan ;) @katemoennig

— evanrachelwood (@Evan Rachel Wood)

9. In fact, she will gladly explain bisexuality to anyone who is confused:

“I don’t get offended by [questions about bisexuality]. I look at it as an opportunity to educate people. A lot of times they just really don’t know a lot about it or haven’t talked to someone who is bisexual and actually get some insight into those issues. So I don’t get angry or try to fight hate with hate; I just try to educate. There are many misconceptions about bisexuality. The one thing I run into more than anything is that bisexuality isn’t real or that you’re just going through a phase or you really are just gay, you just don’t want to say it. It’s extremely hard growing up — I didn’t know bisexuality was an option growing up, because I knew I was attracted to women, but I was still attracted to men and that sent me spiraling into all kinds of — [laughs] I had no idea what I was!”

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11. After she and Jamie Bell tied the knot, the 25-year-old actress took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question about her sexual orientation:

No. It just means i am not single anymore ;) @Basilme

— evanrachelwood (@Evan Rachel Wood)
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13. Bisexual Oscar winner Anna Paquin also got married to a man recently, and she said:

“I am a happily married woman and I married a man. I don’t think that negates [my bisexuality]. Some people find it odd that you can identify with a sexual orientation that is not straight and yet be married to someone of the opposite sex. They’re like, ‘Obviously it’s not real if you’re married to a dude’. That’s not my problem. I’m like, ‘Okay, if that’s how you feel, there’s nothing I can do about it.’ I’m just living my life.”

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14. So wait, you can be bisexual and still marry a man?

15. Damn straight.

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