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    • sjoefn

      I lived in Turkey in 2004, and ended up marrying a Turk - but we reside in Toronto. Every time we return for vacations, it’s impossible NOT to notice the changing political climate, oppression of secularists, and those who support Atatürk’s ideas. We had both wanted to move to Turkey following our doctorate studies, but we’re deciding to stay here because of Erdogan’s bullshit. What is going on in Istanbul isn’t about a park or about groupthink-bullshit mentality or a bunch of kids rallying to save some trees. No, this is about a very well planned, careful, and deliberate stripping of everything that is right about Turkey - which has occurred over the last decade with Erdogan in power. This is about a crushing government that wants to take away everything that Atatürk stood for. God bless those brave Turks who are standing up to this nemesis. If you want a half decent analysis of what is going on, I suggest reading Turkish newspapers such as Hurriyet (in English) or if you’re a bookish type of person, I suggest reading Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds to give you a decent background of of Turkey’s current political dilemma. Also - Thank you whitecrow for trying to clarify some important points on this.

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