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    20 Of Evan Covello's Best Finger Guns - Vote Rutgers Rise TONIGHT

    Vote Evan Covello for RUSA President and the entire "Rutgers Rise" Ticket in the RU Student Body Elections!

    1. Finger Guns... at the BIG Ten Network National HQ?

    Look at how happy he is advocating for 500,000 plus students on a national level.

    2. Finger guns... with a purple tie?

    The shades really bring it all together here.

    3. Finger Guns ... while representing the Student Body at RUSA?

    A man of the people.

    4. Finger Guns... when holding an award?

    Good form here, both in technique and hair choice.

    5. Finger Guns... at Banquet with Vice President Candidate Christie Schweighardt!

    *~ Besties ~*

    6. Finger Guns... with Senator Cory Booker?

    Joining the movement.

    7. Finger Guns... as Batman?

    Even his enemies can't resist.

    8. Finger Guns... on a boat?

    One if by Land... 2 [Finger Guns] if by Sea.

    9. Finger Guns... as an Ice Cream Cone?

    A bold look, 10/10.

    10. Finger guns... with a serious face?

    No fun and games here.

    11. Finger Guns... while promoting good choices?

    Uncle Sam [Leroy] would be proud.

    12. Finger guns... on the dance floor?

    Evan is always ready.

    13. Finger Guns... while realizing he should have went into a career in Sports Announcing?

    Refer to Christie for more information on this.


    14. Finger Guns... outdoors?

    A man of nature, living off the land.

    15. Plot Twist: Finger... Hook?

    It started at a young age with some trial and error.

    16. Finger Guns... even when he looks like an agent?

    It's classified.

    17. Finger Guns... as an athlete?

    Kewl medals.

    18. Finger Guns... as a Mets fan? Really?

    Matt probably has some thoughts on this and his support for the Mets.

    19. Finger Guns... before the school dance?

    Even his friends are joining the movement.

    20. Plot Twist: Finger Guns... by Coach Kautz?

    The powerhouse himself, Coach Benjamin Kautz.

    21. Finger Guns... with Pops

    You have come a long way

    22. Had to get Pistol Pete somewhere on this list, he almost did a Finger Gun.

    Close enough