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    This SNP MP Would Let A Refugee Live In His Home

    Labour MP Jess Phillips and SNP MP Drew Henry told BuzzFeed News they want Britain to accept more refugees and they'd both be happy to welcome some to live with them. If you're an MP and would take a refugee into your home, please contact

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    Two MPs have told BuzzFeed News they are inviting refugees to live with them in an attempt to alleviate the refugee crisis spreading across Europe.

    Labour MP Jess Phillips and SNP MP Drew Hendry said they would happily welcome refugees fleeing countries such as Syria to live in their homes if the UK government is willing to allow them entry into Britain.

    "I can take some people in," Phillips said. "I would do it, in a heartbeat.

    "If I could get 10,000 people to say 'Yes, I've got a spare room, if they can be agreed to be fast-tracked through the Home Office', then yes, I will give up my house."

    Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, said she has been inspired by the people of Iceland, where thousands of residents said they were willing to open up their homes and welcome refugees in from Europe.

    "I would take someone because we've been led to believe these people are going to act like ransackers," said the MP, who ran a women's refuge centre before being elected to parliament. "That has never been my experience of letting foreign strangers live in my house."

    In a speech on Wednesday, David Cameron said he believed the solution was "to bring peace and stability" to conflict regions where refugees are coming from.

    "I don't think there is an answer that can be achieved by simply taking more and more refugees," he said.

    Phillips also called on the prime minister to do more to increase Britain's quota. So far the UK has only taken in about 5,000 Syrian refugees since 2011. "It's totally heartless. Maybe he's thinking again now and all I can hope is that he is.

    "We need to let more people in and we need to offer refuge to people but also we need to offer long-term support from our nation and open our hearts up to these people because nobody would do this if it was just to get a better job," she said.

    "[Cameron] has a kid who's the same age at that kid who was drowning on the beach. That's got to hurt him. He's not so heartless that that [picture] wouldn't hurt him."

    Meanwhile, Drew Hendry, the SNP MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, said he would also be willing to take in a Syrian refugee and that dozens of his constituents have offered to do the same.

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    "I would absolutely make whatever space I can available," said Hendry. "I've also had dozens of emails this morning saying they're concerned about this and many of them are offering their own homes, space in their homes, people with other places – anyone who has space is getting in touch."

    He accused the UK government of putting politics before humanity in its handling of the refugee crisis, and called on them to change course immediately.

    "It's shocking – they're out of touch with humanity on it," said Hendry. "They need to immediately look at how we start to treat people as human beings, how we would want to be treated if we were in a similar circumstance.

    "The time for using politics over migration is over; they need to start taking action and treating people as human beings."

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