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Nicola Sturgeon Went On "The Daily Show" And Was Compared To Saddam Hussein

Jon Stewart also appeared to ask permission for the US to invade Scotland for its oil.

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Scotland's first minister appeared on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on Monday night and quickly gained the plaudits of the Americans watching.

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Sturgeon appeared on the show as part of a four-day visit to America to boost her international appeal. Alongside media engagements, she'll also visit the IMF, the World Bank, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Leader of the SNP is on The Daily Show. I like her.

Going into commercial break, Sturgeon is on top of her game as usual. Insightful, delightful, and charming. #DailyShow

The pair discussed a variety of topics, including the SNP's resurgence in British politics and Scotland's natural resources.

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Viewers particularly enjoyed seeing Sturgeon being mockingly compared to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein after she said she was planning an inquiry into why the SNP didn't win every Westminster seat in Scotland.


Absolute lol at Jon Stewart comparing Nicola Sturgeon to Saddam Hussein

But the interview didn't just cover politics. Here's Sturgeon describing haggis:

And she was quickly slammed by Stewart when she suggested that "Scotland almost invented the modern world". Stewart's response: "Let's not get nuts here."

The pair also discussed oil, at which point Stewart poked fun at recent invasions by the USA.

Nicola Sturgeon: "Yes we have oil." Jon Stewart: "May we invade you?" Nicola Sturgeon: "That's progress; you don't usually ask permission."


It's fair to say the audience was impressed with Sturgeon's performance.

Crushing a little on @NicolaSturgeon on @TheDailyShow. I'd even eat haggis for her---if someone made a #vegan version. #SNP #Scotland

Omg, #SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is on the Daily Show. I love her so.

Sturgeon also appears to have gained her own support base in the US.

I wish America had more delightful politicians such as Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon. @TheDailyShow

Nicola Sturgeon is thoroughly more personable than any British PM in recent memory. I'd gladly throw back some scotch with her.

So far @NicolaSturgeon Sturgeon is acing her @TheDailyShow interview with Jon Stewart, @linda8h . She's a great blend of serious and witty.

Although there were a few people who weren't keen and struggled to understand her accent.

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