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Cyberterrorists Tried To Bring Down The Western World But Got A Local Bus Company Instead


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A group of hackers from Tunisia are the latest to have launched a cyberattack against a company. Except instead of a multimillion pound corporation, they hacked a local bus schedule.

Your site has been hacked #TravelWest @BBCBristol #Why #Hackers #BristolTravel

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Your site has been hacked #TravelWest @BBCBristol #Why #Hackers #BristolTravel

4:39 PM - 01 Jan 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

It didn't take long for the group to get mocked for targeting the Travelwest website, which hosted a timetable for a Bristol bus company.

“@BehaviouralC:” "Rubber dinghy rapids Brother!"

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"Rubber dinghy rapids Brother!"

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As the hackers, who call themselves the Arab Security Team, claim to have previously infiltrated major websites, such as that of Philippines Airlines, it was believed that the group were hoping to cause major disruptions by hacking into a major western travel operator.

In place of the website, people were shown a black page with the name of the group and a link to the Facebook page, which claims the group is based in Tunis.

Users could also hear Arabic text, the shahada, or the declaration of faith in Islam, in the background.

As it turns out, they did not cause major disruptions and instead received some very pressing comments on their Facebook page.

Facebook: ArabSecTeam

But hey, it's a pretty good effort for "Muslum hackers".

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