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Women Are Sharing The Fashion Items They Are Sick And Tired Of, And They Make Really Valid Points

Cold shoulder tops don't make any sense...

Recently, Reddit user u/Rachel_BA1 asked women to share the pieces of clothing they absolutely hate, and they did not hold back. Here were the clothes that made them say "uhh no thanks."

1. "High heels. They aren’t good for walking or standing for long periods of time. They are basically death contraptions. Why do they even exist?"

2. "Pants, skirts, and dresses with no pockets or fake pockets."


3. "Tops that have the perfect length and neckline, but come emblazoned with words like 'Live, Laugh, Love' on the front."


4. "Clothing with cutouts that make it next to impossible to wear a bra."


5. "Crop tops. When I go into any store, I can't find any T-shirts or regular, cute shirts that aren't cropped. Not everyone is comfortable enough with their body to wear crop tops."

6. "Knee-high boots. I would actually love to wear them but the standard sizes are too tight for my muscular calves and I can't afford to have a pair made to fit."


7. "The general women’s fit for T-shirts. They are too fitted and have weird sleeves and necklines. Once I discovered more boxy and gender-neutral fits, I felt so much more confident and happy."


8. "Pointy-toed shoes. Feet are not shaped like that so these shoes are really painful to wear!"


9. "Strapless dresses, tops, and bras. I'm flat-chested so those never stay up. If I go too long without tugging them up, I end up flashing everyone."

10. "Cold shoulder tops. Why would you create a thing that makes you cold ON PURPOSE?"


11. "Tights or leggings. They are so annoying, especially if they are too small and they start to twist around the crotch area."


12. "Pink sports apparel. Not every woman always wants to wear pink."


13. "Rompers. I hate being naked when I have to pee."

14. "Lingerie. Especially if it's lacy. It hardly ever looks good underneath proper clothes, it's itchy and irritating, and in my size, it's either unflattering or unaffordable."


15. "I loathe all clothing made of polyester or spandex. It doesn't breathe so there's no escaping the heat. It's also so clingy to my body."


16. "High-waisted pants. They make my butt look saggy."


17. "Ugg boots and fake versions of Ugg boots. They never hold their shape, never seem to fit anyone well, and look dingy."

18. And finally, "Thongs. They are so uncomfortable. Why do we care about panty lines?"


Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.