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    11 Deeply Personal Stories And Shocking Career Details Will Smith Just Shared In His New Book, "Will"

    "My fantasy life is what protected me from the world."

    Content warning: This post contains mentions of suicide and abuse.

    This week, actor Will Smith released his much-anticipated autobiography, Will — and he did not hold back. From detailing the ups and downs of his childhood to breaking down his relationship with Jada, Will (with the help of Mark Manson) gives readers new insight into the person behind The Fresh Prince.

    The cover of the book features a drawing of his face

    1. Will considered murdering his own father because he was abusive to his mother.

    Willard Smith Sr. with Will Smith

    2. He contemplated suicide at age 13.

    After his mother left their home because of the abuse she faced, Will thought about taking his life. He was overcome with loneliness and guilt, but fortunately decided not to go through with it. "I thought about pills; I knew where a boy had lost his legs on the train tracks; I had seen people cut their wrists in a bathtub on TV. But what kept ringing in my mind was a faint memory of hearing Gigi (his grandmother) say that killing yourself was a sin."

    3. After his parents divorced, Will paid almost $140,000 in child support to his mom because his father couldn't afford to.

    Will Smith with his mom Carolyn Smith

    4. He had a "raging jealousy" of Jada and Tupac Shakur's close friendship.

    Jada hugging Tupac from behind

    5. After splitting with Jada in 2011, he took ayahuasca more than a dozen times to discover himself.

    Will holding a coffee cup

    6. Jaden was almost named Luigi.

    Trey, Will, Jada, and Jaden at a red carpet event

    7. Jaden asked to be legally separated from his parents when After Earth failed at the box office. Ultimately, Jaden never went through with the emancipation.

    Will and Jaden at the After Earth premiere in New York

    8. He hit rock bottom just before getting his role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    Will accepting his grammy in 1998

    9. He decided to end Fresh Prince after six seasons (instead of dragging it out to be longer) so he could move onto a career in movies with "dignity" and "grace."

    The Fresh Prince cast

    10. Losing an argument to Michael Bay during the filming of Bad Boys made Will a "f-ing movie star."

    Will standing in an open button down shirt in a scene of Bad Boys

    11. And finally, Will accidentally fell in love with Stockard Channing, his co-star in Six Degrees of Separation, as a result of his method acting. He writes that this had a negative impact on his new marriage with Sheree Zampino.

    Will and Stockard in a scene from Six Degrees of Separation

    Will's memoir is available for purchase now, wherever you buy your books!