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    15 Times Men Called Out Other Men For Being Sexist, Rude, And Disrespectful To Women

    More of this please!

    If you're a woman, chances are you've seen your fair share of misogyny.

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    Once in a while though, there are men who have our backs. So when Reddit user u/alwaysamensch asked women to share times men have condemned misogyny in action, they had some heartwarming stories tell. Here were some of their responses:

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    1. "I work in an industry that’s predominantly male. I often have male customers joke that I don’t know what I’m doing or tell me they’ll wait for a man to help them. My colleagues always correct the person treating me like that and inform them that even though I’m female, I am in fact the most experienced."

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    2. "I was conducting the technical portion of an interview for a software developer position and the interviewee interrupted me to question my credentials. Thankfully, the man from HR picked up on this and gave the candidate a very confident NO THANKS."


    3. "A male student in my physics class took lab materials out of my hand and said, 'Relax honey, let the guys handle it.' My professor reported the student and told me to take the lead on the lab report."


    4. "In high school, some kid in my class announced that women belong in the kitchen. My male history teacher fake-gagged and told him to shut up."

    5. "In my office, a client joked that a female lawyer was easier on the eyes than her male boss. The boss stopped the meeting and said, 'Don't make those comments — not here, not out there, not anywhere.' Not many senior lawyers I know would make a statement like that to longtime clients."


    6. "I wore my Captain America shirt to work on a Friday because I love Marvel. A colleague saw my shirt and quizzed me on the comics. Before I could get a word out, two other guys heard and shut him down immediately."


    7. "At my finance internship, a vendor came in for a meeting with my male boss. Before the meeting, the vendor winked at me and said, 'Sweetheart, can you get me a coffee?' My boss immediately told him to leave and that we didn’t need his services after that."

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    8. "I had bad cramps when I was working in a supermarket. I took a moment to breathe through them and a male coworker told me I was lazy and needed to get back to work. Another male colleague chimed in and said, 'She works three times as fast as you. How about you go learn some common decency?'"


    9. "I was on a bus when this guy started taunting a female passenger. Another man who was standing in the aisle told the guy to stop. He also stood in the guy's way when he tried to follow the woman off the bus."


    10. "I work as an electrician. One day, I was walking around our site carrying a big light I was going to install. The site super saw me and turned to my boss and said, 'You sure hired a pretty strong girl there.' Without a beat, my boss said, 'She’s not just a girl. She’s an electrician.'"

    11. "My fiancé is a software engineer and I have overheard him stop men who cut off or interrupt women. He usually says, 'Can you please stop talking? I was trying to listen to what she was saying.' It makes me so proud of him."


    12. "This guy catcalled a woman at Starbucks and said disgusting things to her. I couldn’t muster up the courage to say something but a young man unrelated to both of us told him to leave."


    13. "I was out running and some guys were watching and catcalling me. There were some plumbers out too, hosing down the road. One of the plumbers heard and turned the hose on the catcallers and absolutely drenched them."

    14. "This random guy on the street called my legs sexy when I was wearing a dress. I called him out and he said I was asking for it by wearing that. A young man saw and yelled back that I could wear whatever I wanted."


    15. "My husband works for a bank. At the beginning of the #MeToo movement, male colleagues mentioned they were nervous to mentor women now. My husband shot this down and said, 'If there's anything you are doing that can be mistaken for harassment, that's on you, not them.'"


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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