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    16 Former Disney Channel Child Actors And What They Are Up To Now

    Prepare to feel old.

    I was scrolling through Instagram recently, and I was shocked to find out that one of the child actors I watched on Disney Channel growing up had graduated from college.

    1. Bridget Mendler, aka Teddy in Good Luck Charlie

    On the left, Mendler is in character looking disappointedly at her brothers. On the right, Mendler is standing with her husband on her wedding day

    2. Genevieve Hannelius, aka Avery Jennings in Dog with a Blog

    On the left, Hannelius is in character talking to her stepbrother. On the right, is a selfie of Hannelius posing with her painted nails

    3. Blake Michael, aka Charlie Delgado in Lemonade Mouth

    On the left, Michael is in character sitting by his drum set. On the right, he is standing with his arms crossed in a TikTok

    4. Tyrel Jackson Williams, aka Leo Dooley in Lab Rats

    On the left, Williams is in character talking to his friends at school. On the right, he is in a music video holding a small computer monitor

    5. Raviv Ullman, aka Phil in Phil of the Future

    On the left, Ullman is in character smirking at his TV sister. On the right, he's leaning out of a window

    6. Sophie Oda, aka Barbara Brownstein in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

    On the left, Sophie is in character playing the violin in the school orchestra. On the right, Sophie is wearing some of the clothes she sells in her shop

    7. Jake Short, aka Fletcher Quimby in A.N.T. Farm

    On the left, Short is in character talking to the school principal. On the right, he is sitting at a viewpoint at night

    8. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle-Kline, aka Ashley Dewitt in Hannah Montana

    On the left, Anna is in character talking to her TV bff Amber. On the right she is pregnant in real life

    9. Bradley Steven Perry, aka Gabe Duncan in Good Luck Charlie

    On the left Perry sits on a chair in character as Gabe. On the right, Perry is wearing a graduation robe and holding up his diploma

    10. Davis Cleveland, aka Flynn Jones in Shake it Up!

    On the left, Cleveland is in character playing video games on the show. On the right, Cleveland is in a jacuzzi with his friend

    11. Raini Rodriguez, aka Trish in Austin & Ally

    12. Skai Jackson, aka Zuri Ross in Jessie

    On the left, Skai is in character as Zuri and is talking to the butler. On the right, Skai is posing in front of a restuarant

    13. Giovonnie Samuels, aka Nia Moseby in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    Samuels is in character as the candy shop attendant on the left. On the right, she is standing on some rocks on the coast

    14. Carlon Jeffery, aka Cameron Parks in A.N.T. Farm

    On the left, Jeffery is in character, covered in glitter and talking to Chyna. On the right, Jeffery is bending down to pose for the camera

    15. Hayley Kiyoko, aka Stella Yamada in Lemonade Mouth

    On the left, Kiyoko is in character directing the Lemonade Mouth band. On the right, Kiyoko is posing for a photo during golden hour

    16. Roshon Fegan, aka Sander Loyer in Camp Rock

    On the left, Fegan is in character laughing at the campsite. On the right, Fegan is wearing an armor outfit for a music video