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Order From The Tim Horton's Menu To Reveal A Deep Truth About Yourself

Are you a double-double person or black coffee with almond milk person?

Choose your preferred coffee:
  • A bag of coffee
    Original Blend
    Tim Hortons
  • Bag of coffee
    Dark Roast
    Tim Hortons
  • Box of tea K-cups
    Tim Hortons
  • Bag of coffee
    Tim Hortons
What's your regular coffee order?
Choose your pickup method:
What's your side of choice?
  • A donut with sprinkles and whipped cream
    Tim Hortons on Instagram via
  • A hashbrown
    Hash brown
    Tim Hortons on Twitter via
  • Potato wedges in a bowl
    Potato wedges
    Tim Hortons
  • A bowl of oatmeal topped with berries
    Tim Hortons
Which of these pumpkin spice treats would you try?
  • An iced coffee in a glass topped with whipped cream
    Iced cap
    Tim Hortons
  • Close-up of a muffin with whipped cream on top
    Tim Hortons
  • A bag of Tim Hortons pumpkin spice tea
    Tim Hortons
  • Close-up of a glass mug filled with frothy liquid topped with whipped cream
    Tim Hortons
When you drink coffee are you a lone fox or a peoples' person?
What's your favourite Tims breakfast?
  • Farmer's Breakfast Biscuit
    Tim Hortons
  • Croissant Sandwich
    Tim Hortons
  • Bacon Biscuit 
    Tim Hortons
  • Bagel B.E.L.T.
    Tim Hortons
Which one is a quick and tasty Tims snack?
  • Close up of donut holes
    Tim Hortons
  • Croissant
    Tim Hortons
  • Omelette bites
    Tim Hortons
  • Tea biscuit
    Tim Hortons
Which small dose of sweetness will you choose?
  • Close up of a cookie with a smile made from frosting on it
    Tim Hortons on Instagram via
  • Apple cinnamon tart
    Tim Hortons
  • Danish
    Tim Hortons
  • Brownie
Best time to visit Tims for you?
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