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8 Celebrites Who Have Never Hosted "SNL" (And Who Should)

While recurring hosts like Alec Baldwin, Steven Martin, and Justin Timberlake are hilarious, it’s time to see some fresh faces on the Studio 8H stage.

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NBC has revealed that first time hosts Sarah Silverman and Chris Pratt will be kicking off Saturday Night Live's 40th season, and with any luck this season will be filled with other newbie hosts like:

1. Will Smith

NBC / Via

Can you believe that the Fresh Prince himself has never hosted SNL? You’d think that with blockbusters like Men in Black, Independence Day and Bad Boys under his belt, he’d be a shoo-in to host!

2. Mindy Kaling

Fox / Via

Although she wrote for an episode of SNL back in 2006, Kaling has yet to host the show herself. With hits like The Office and The Mindy Project, she’s already proven what an excellent actor (and writer) she is.

3. Larry David

HBO / Via

If Larry David were to host SNL, the show would be almost guaranteed to be pretty, pretty, pretty good. David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm proves that he’s no stranger to improvised comedy. Fingers crossed for a Seinfeld skit!


4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Paramount Pictures / Via

Poor Leo. Since The Academy has yet to award him for his superb acting, the least Lorne Michaels could do is cut the guy a break and invite him to host SNL.

5. Matt LeBlanc

NBC / Via

Of the six Friends cast mates, LeBlanc is the only one who’s never hosted SNL. Episodes has introduced LeBlanc to a new audience and has helped revive his comedy career. An SNL hosting gig is a logical move. Imagine him walking out on stage during the opening number and saying “How you doin’?" to the audience.

6. Peter Dinklage

HBO / Via

Arguably the fan favorite actor on Game of Thrones, it’s a shame that Dinklage has yet to host. Although he’s already made a cameo appearance on the show, it’s time to give him a full 90 minutes.

7. Nick Offerman

NBCn / Via

This Parks and Recreations funnyman has already proven he can hold his own next to the likes of Amy Poehler, and if that doesn’t earn you a hosting gig on SNL, nothing does. Bonus points if he brings wife Megan Mullally along for the ride.

8. Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central / Via

Best known for his Colbert Report alter ego, Colbert is easily one of the funniest guys in show business. He sings, he dances and he’s not afraid to say whatever comes to mind. With Colbert, no topic or person is off limit, which is perfect for SNL. He could even take over Weekend Update while hosting.

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