11 Reasons Why Randy Marsh From “South Park” Is The Greatest Dad Ever

At least he didn’t try to kill his son like Butter’s parents.

1. He gives his kids good advice.

Comedy Central / Via south—park.tumblr.com

2. He knows the benefits of good exercise.

Comedy Central / Via justrandymarshthings.tumblr.com

3. He trys to stay up on the latest trends.

Comedy Central / Via naturemetaltolkien.tumblr.com

4. He has excellent cooking skills.

Comedy Central / Via fuckyeahthatwide.tumblr.com

5. He’s not afraid to stand up for himself.

Comedy Central / Via selcandy.tumblr.com

6. He knows that with great power comes great responsibility.

Comedy Central / Via justrandymarshthings.tumblr.com

7. He’s wise beyond his years.

Comedy Central / Via oracularfantastica.tumblr.com

8. He keeps the peace in the family.

Comedy Central / Via studiesofwumbology.tumblr.com

9. He teaches his kids valuable life lessons.

Comedy Central / Via selcandy.tumblr.com

10. He’s involved in his kids extra curricular activities.

Comedy Central / Via comedycentral.tumblr.com

11. He doesn’t sugarcoat his feelings.

Comedy Central / Via r10t3r.tumblr.com

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