The 12 Geekiest Maths Jokes Hidden In Futurama

    As well as investigating the geekier side of Springfield, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets reveals that the writers behind Futurama also snuck a whole heap of nerdy references into the show.

    1. The episode “Möbius Dick” concerns a four dimensional space-whale.

    2. In “The Honking”, Bender visits a haunted castle and sees the digits 0101100101 written in blood on the wall.

    3. The registry number of the Nimbus is BP-1729.

    4. 1729 is also Bender's unit number.

    5. And 1729 is the number of the universe Fry jumps out of in “The Farnsworth Parabox”.

    6. 87,539,319 appears as a taxicab number in “Bender’s Big Score”.

    7. In "Put Your Head on My Shoulders", just behind Amy-Fry’s right hand are two files marked P and NP.

    8. In the same episode a sign states that Bender’s computer dating agency is both “discreet and discrete”.

    9. This sign appears in the episode “Rebirth”.

    10. This sign appears in “Parasites Lost”.

    11. “The Route of All Evil” shows a Klein bottle, a mathematical oddity that has no definable inside or outside.

    12. The Loew’s ℵ0-Plex movie theatre, which first appeared in “Raging Bender”, is reference to ℵ0 (pronounced aleph-null).

    Excerpted from The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets.