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    9 Surprising Reasons Whales Should Be Your New Best Friends

    Because YOU deserve better than that two-timing backstabber Katie.

    1. Swimming buddies 4lyfe!

    2. They have the largest brain out of any animal known to exist; homework? party? homework? Party!!

    3. Whales are the best wingmen. Their mellifluous songs attract potential mates.

    4. You can then proceed to impress your new makeout buddy with your friend's blow hole spray party trick!

    5. Their hearts can weigh as much as a car! That's a whole lotta love.

    6. Many whales swallow their food whole. So you don't have to watch them chew…

    7. Whales use echolocation to identify objects, so they can find your keys, wallet AND cell phone...

    8. Gestation takes about 15 months. That's 6 extra months you can taunt them with delicious margaritas.

    9. Their vomit can be used to create high-end perfumes.