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15 Types Of Readers, As Told By Cats And Dogs

Because cats and dogs are the best storytellers.

1. The Emotionally-Invested Reader

2. The Intellectual Reader

3. The "Unamused by Your Antics" Reader

4. The Comic Book Nerd

5. The "Desperately Trying to Stay Awake" Reader

6. The "Tried, But Couldn't Stay Awake" Reader

7. The "Not Even Trying To Stay Awake" Reader

8. The Reader Who Can't Contain His Excitement

9. The "Learning to Read" Reader

10. The Reader Who Wants to Expand His Horizons

11. The "Can't Eat Alone in Public Without a Book" Reader

12. The Overwhelmed Reader

13. The Social Reader

14. The Anti-Social Reader

15. The Non-Reader

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