11 Stages Of The Text Message Breakup

It’s almost as bad as that time Carrie Bradshaw got dumped via post-it note…

1. Checking your texts

2. When you realize he’s dumping you

3. When your friends want to console you, but have no idea how

5. When you refuse to believe what just happened

6. The frightening realization that you are utterly, completely, unbearably…ALONE.

7. At this point, your fantasies all begin to focus around practicing your right hook…you know, for self-defense.

8. When you hide your anger under an egomaniacal façade

9. Drop the act, girlfriend. It’s time to feel your feelings.

10. Unfortunately, being patient through this phase sucks. Hug a friend; wear a hat. It’s almost over.

11. Finally moving on! You sure danced your way out of that one.

Bounce back from your next personal crisis

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From the real-life crisis expert and inspiration for Olivia Pope’s character on ABC’s Scandal, Judy Smith.

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