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Equality - United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This is a video about equality in general, but it does have an emphasis on homosexual issues, particularly same sex marriage. Many people so much time and effort to create pictures to send me to contribute, so thank you very much!

simonphoenixj 7 years ago

Drinking, Drawing And Lusting Over The Big Bang Theory

Our whole Universe was in a hot, dense state, then nearly 14billion years ago expansion started WAIT... I turned the camera on, after watching big bang marathon My Gin's already gone. I dropped my pen. I ATE SOME CINNAMON!!! pen...paper... alcohol, fretting about my cholesterol. That all started with a holey cheese... CHEESE!

simonphoenixj 7 years ago

Drunk And Drawing Lord Of The Rings

Whip out your rings, we're going to Mordor! Episode six now in HD - with an amazing new camera. OOFT. I drink, I draw... this is the result. The last minute features me waxing a patch on my chest... for some reason.

simonphoenixj 7 years ago

Drunk And Drawing The Avengers

Episode 4. Okay I got completely addicted to the Marvel series and like everyone else couldn't decide which Avenger was hotter... I devoted a video to my new found love, and so broke my Marvel virginity. I drink, I draw, the drawings get worse and I get funnier :)

simonphoenixj 7 years ago

Drunk And Drawing Harry Potter

Drunk and Drawing Harry Potter - Episode 5 drunken antics ensue! Love waving my wand around and evolving my Rattata

simonphoenixj 7 years ago