Introducing The Greatest Sport In The World: Cheese Rolling

Every year hundreds of people risk life and limb by launching themselves down a hill in Gloucestershire, England, to chase after a wheel of cheese. It gets brutal.

1. OK, so basically a wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill and whoever gets to the bottom first wins the cheese

2. But it’s a really, REALLY steep hill…

3. Which means this happens…

8. Even if you make it to the end unharmed there is a rugby team waiting to tackle you

9. Sometimes the cheese even attacks you…

10. And many come in fancy dress…

11. It was banned after 2009 due to health and safety concerns

12. But every year since, hundreds of people have turned up for the new “rogue”, unofficial event

13. Want to give it a go? [Warning: Cheese puns ahead]

This years event takes place on May 27th. So there is stiltons of time left to get involved. Although it is not very mature and many camembert it, it’s a lot of fun and what feta way is there to win some cheese?

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