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    11 Scholarship-Searching Tips That Every Student Should Know About

    Show me the ~free~ money!

    Scholarships can truly be a godsend (after all, they can give you money for school that's 100% FREE), but sometimes they can be a real hassle to find.

    So if you're in need of some free money, we’ve found all the hiding spots. Here are 11 ways to track down scholarships and grants:

    If you're trying to avoid taking out lots of student loans, make sure you apply for scholarships both before college *and* each year while you're in school. And to stay organized, it's a good idea to keep a running list of the scholarships you want to apply for and their due dates, which ones you receive, and which costs you use them to cover.

    1. Online scholarship directories can be a great place to start. search page with over 3.7 million scholarships and grants in the database

    2. The college that accepted you might also have scholarships and grants that you can apply for.

    3. And look into scholarships associated with the clubs or activities you were a part of in high school.

    Spreadsheet of speech and debate team scholarships

    4. The companies your parents work for might also offer scholarships.

    Teen girl and her mom looking for scholarships on a tablet

    5. Your community can be another great resource to explore.

    6. And check out the US Department of Labor’s free scholarship search tool.

    The scholarship search tool showing 8,355 awards in the database

    7. Ethnic organizations often offer scholarships too.

    National Association of Asian American Professionals Logo

    8. Your state's higher education agency website can also help you track down scholarships and grants.

    US Department of Education

    9. If you know what you want to do after graduation, seek out professional organizations that offer scholarships for students going into your field.

    10. And if you have certain conditions or disabilities, organizations related to your diagnosis often offer scholarships too.

    Teen and her mom looking at a laptop

    11. And finally, think about what makes you unique and search for scholarships based on those traits.

    How's your scholarship search going? Share your best tips in the comments!

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