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    10 Frugal Ways People Are Having The Most Fun This Summer

    Outside may be open, but your wallet doesn't have to be.

    We outsiiddeee. And for the most part, it's been pretty fun. We may have forgotten a few things, like how to navigate crowds, dress for work, and how expensive outside really is. But that doesn't mean our budgets are doomed. Summer is the season of fun and who said it couldn't be free?

    The streets may be calling, but you can still maintain your savings. 2020 was bizarre, to say the least, and as we venture back outdoors this summer, concerts, brunch, and ice cream parlors may be at the top of your list. But there are also a ton of other fun and cheap things you can do while still having a great time. 

    And as COVID-19 restrictions loosen up, remember to stay safe. During these activities, remember to mask up when appropriate and always wash your hands!

    1. Water Gun Fight


    Water Gun Fight 😂 #summer #comedy #watergun #watergunfight

    ♬ original sound - The Yellow Mfs 🤘😎🤘

    You're never too old to pick up a Super Soaker. Journey to your favorite park (Central Park, if you're a New Yorker) with your crew. Assemble your team and prepare to get drenched. This is the perfect way to cool off and make the best summer memories. Just be careful not to wet people who aren't playing and keep your phones dry.

    2. Catch Fireflies


    Catching fireflies. If only they could stay little and their worlds could remain this simple…….#fireflies #summernights #foryoupage

    ♬ Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift

    One of the simple joys of summer is watching the fireflies that make their evening debut each night. Grab a glass jar and head outside. Put a timer on for 45 minutes, grab the homies and see who can catch the most fireflies — maybe whoever loses has to do a beer run. Remember to poke holes in the jar's top, and when everyone's done marveling at the bugs' beauty, open the jar and set them free.

    3. Dance Party Under The Moon


    #prom #2021 #silentdisco #ymca

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    Visit your favorite spot in your neighborhood and break out your speakers. Give your party a theme like fairy princess or The Office. And if you want to avoid noise complaints, make a playlist and share it with your friends. When the party starts, have everyone press play, put on some headphones, and voila — silent disco. But if you want to party like no one is watching, have your party under the stars, instead.

    4. Plan A Flash Mob


    Flash Bob ⚡️Strikes LA #flashmob #flashbob #dancechallenge #foryourpride #foryou @kameroncomk @jaketgarcia @lucashive 📸 @asenseofhuber

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    Hear me out: This is a great time to put your TikTok dancing skills to use. You're going to need a lot of people for this one, but you can do it! Make up a routine and send it out to everyone to learn. Once everyone has the moves down pat, head to a public place. Make sure everyone is scattered and do it in a safe location. Stay out of the streets and places where you might get in trouble. The park or sidewalk are always safe bets.

    5. Host A Yoga Class


    Those clouds are mesmerizing 😍 #yogainthepark #yogatribe #wheresyourmatwednesday @chelseashae.aligned

    ♬ Wake Up x ChrisnTeeb - ciru

    Summer isn't always about being on the go. Take a deep breath and do some yoga in the sun. Take advantage of the warm weather and put your yogi teaching skills to work or ask a friend with yoga knowledge to lead the class. Have a class with your family over the weekend or with coworkers on your lunch break. Or you might even find a budget-friendly outdoor class happening in a park near you. This is a fun activity and an awesome way to destress.

    6. Make Your Own Amazing Race


    K can’t catch a break 🤣🤣 #fyp #foryou #familyfun #competition #obstaclecourse #funny

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    This is going to take a bit of planning, but it's totally worth it. Plus, you can find a lot of obstacle ideas from online (hellooo, Pinterest). Make a tournament out of it. It's basically an extreme scavenger hunt you can lay out in your city or your backyard. Not only is this great exercise, but it gives you a chance to explore your neighborhood and put your critical thinking and stamina to the test.

    7. Biking, Rollerblading, And Skateboarding


    #rollerskate #rollerskates #quadskates #roller #rollerskater #rollerskating #rollerblading #danceskate #pageforyou

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    There are two kinds of people in this world—those who bike ride everywhere and those who haven't been on wheels since they were seven. Whether you're the former, latter, or never learned to ride a bike, summer is your chance to make it happen. The point is to be on a roll, whether it's a tandem bicycle or Heelys. Take a trip to the park and roll around.

    Psst, if you're in the market for a new pair of skates, you might wanna check out this roundup of the best places to buy 'em.

    8. Have An Outdoor Movie Night


    Camping goals, am I right?😍🏕 #campinglife #movienight #vanlifetravel #vanlifesquad #couplesdatenight #movieprojector #vanliving

    ♬ La Vie En Rose - Emily Watts

    Hook up your Disney Plus account, Hulu, or other streaming services to a projector, if you have one. Set it up in your backyard on the side of the house or in the park on a white sheet hung between two trees. No projector? You might be able to find one on the cheap on Facebook Marketplace or for rent through your local library. Don't forget to pack a blanket, some snacks, and pass the popcorn.

    9. Or Try A Dollar Movie Theater

    10. Finally, Camp Out


    summer bucket list item 2: backyard camping 🪵🔥🏕 #camping #summerbucketlist #fypシ #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - Olivia

    If you're the friend with the backyard, rooftop or other private outside dwelling, have a camp out! You may not be able to build a fire but the smores and scary stories will be more than enough. This is also a great way to get away from it all without really going anywhere. So, pack your sleeping bag and flashlight and pretend it's summer camp.

    Summer is HERE, so if you have any more fun and cheap or free fun ideas to add to the list, do everyone a favor and drop your suggestions in the comments!

    And for more money saving tips and tricks, check out the rest of our personal finance posts.

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