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    17 Of The Best Places To Buy Roller Skates

    Why walk when you can glide?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Impala is here for all the sk8r babes of the world. Their bright and feisty line of roller skates are sure to make you feel like a gliding goddess.

    A model wears a glittery bodysuit and drapes a pair of metallic Impala roller skates over her shoulder. She is surrounded by five pairs of the same roller skates

    Why it's great: Impala's business model is the true definition of girl boss with a team of girls leading the charge. Their skates harken back to the '70s, '80s and '90s in an effort to encourage skaters of all ages and levels to join the diverse community of roller skaters. They also sell inline skates, skateboards, protective sets, and clothes. Impala is a lifestyle!

    Price: Roller skates start at $94.95.

    See all the roller skates available at Impala.

    2. Target has great options for shoppers and skaters on a budget. Grab your protective gear (and maybe some bike shorts) while you're here!

    A pair of Chicago Ladies Rink roller skates in white with pink wheels

    Why it's great: Target has an affordable range of roller skates for anyone with limited funds or anyone who is just unsure of where to start on their roller-skating journey. They've also got affordable roller skates for children, so the whole family can join in on the fun!

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $49.99.

    See all women's roller skates at Target.

    3. Urban Outfitters is known for being a one-stop-shop for all things trendy, from oversized tie-dye sweatshirts to shag throw pillows. Well, now you can add roller skates to your cart. Urban Outfitters is a growing home to colorful and durable roller skates.

    a pair of moxi beach bunny roller skates
    Urban Outfitters

    Why it's great: Urban Outfitters not only has cute skates, but fun and comfy clothes you'll want to show off as you coast down the boulevard. Because they carry tons of brands, you'll always be able to find the perfect look, fit, and feel for you.

    Price: Roller skates start at $79.

    See all the roller skates at Urban Outfitters.

    4. Bruised Boutique has a selection of skates for the boardwalk skater and the derby fiend. So grab your gear and hit the pavement!

    Bruised Boutique

    Why it's great: Bruised Boutique is the biggest derby store there is, so if you're looking for high-end derby skates, Bruised Boutique is definitely the place for you.

    Price: Roller skates start at $95.

    See all roller skates at Bruised Boutique.

    5. Roller Skate Nation is basically an online skate mall. Here's a peak at a small selection of the roller skates and accessories they carry:

    Roller Skate Nation

    Why it's great: Any roller skate brand you can think of, Roller Skate Nation carries them. Any roller skate need you have, Roller Skate Nation can cover it. From replacement parts to toe stops to bearing cleaners, they've got it all! Oh, and of course they've got a ton of roller skates!

    Price: Roller skates start at $69.99.

    See all outdoor roller skates at Roller Skate Nation.

    6. SkatePro is about to become your go-to spot for all things roller skate. Carrying more than just the new-to-mainstream names, SkatePro is also the home of brands like Tempish, Rio Roller, and Rookie.

    A pair of the Tempish Pinky Roller Skates

    Why it's great: SkatePro is great for all of your skate *and* board-related interests from surfing and skiing, to scooting and skateboarding. They have a wide range of styles and prices, so everyone can find exactly what they're looking.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $72.95.

    See all roller skates at SkatePro.

    7. Walmart is here to help you get way more than home goods. Their new '80s shop is home to a bunch of fun and funky roller skates for beginners and advanced skaters.

    Five Beach Bunny roller skates in five different colors

    Why it's great: You're already shopping here for your essentials, so why not add something fun to your cart? Walmart also carries roller skate accessories like replacement wheels, laces, and protective gear. And if derby is more your style, they've got gear for that, too!

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $37.99.

    See all roller skates at Walmart.

    8. Angels Skates creates durable roller skates with classic finishes, so you roll up anywhere feeling like an icon in the making. They'll also custom build skates just for you! Their quad roller skates are made for indoor and outdoor use.

    Angel Skates' pink quad roller skates
    Angels Skates

    Why it's great: Angels Skates started as an Etsy store and launched their official website in March 2020. They are a family-owned business invested in every customer's journey from beginner to pro.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $99.95.

    See all roller skates at Angels Skates.

    9. Dick's Sporting Goods is known for its huge selection of, well, sporting goods! So it should come as no surprise that they also carry both inline and quad roller skates.

    a pair of epic women's cheerleader quad roller skates
    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Why it's great: A family-grown business, Dick's Sporting Goods specializes in all things athletic. From heated snowboarding socks and fishing rods to swimming caps and, of course, roller skates, they have everything you need to start (or continue) your journey as a professional athlete or committed hobbyist.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $43.99.

    See all roller skates at Dick's Sporting Goods.

    10. Macy's has Roces roller skates in any and every color your heart can dream of!

    A Roces Mazoom roller skate in multi

    Why it's great: The Roces line of roller skates at Macy's varies in style from vintage Chucks to Doc Martens. You can also shop Roces inline and roller derby skates.

    Price: Roller skates start at $68.99.

    See all roller skate's at Macy's.

    11. Bont knows your roller skating journey might mean experimenting with park skating, speed skating, or derby, so they've got everything you need to comfortably transition in and out of different styles. And you'll look good doing it!


    Why it's great: Founded by the ever-innovative skater Inze Bont, Bont creates lightweight, highly supportive, and high-quality skates. They are all designed with comfort and durability in mind.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $120.

    See all roller skates at Bont.

    12. Roller Derby sells their own brand of spirited and print-heavy roller skates! I hope you're ready to stand out!

    Roller Derby

    Why it's great: Roller Derby has been around almost since the inception of the sport. Their family of brands — which includes Pacer, Lake Placid Ice Skates, Tour Hockey, and 360 Watersports — provides everything from

    Price: Adult roller skates start at $44.99.

    See all the roller skates available at Roller Derby.

    13. DevaSkation has the skate for the style of skater you are (or want to be). Are you more aggressive or artistic? Fitness or recreational? Whatever it is, this online skate haven can help you deck out your new roller skate shrine. And if you *can't* find what you need, just custom make your own DevaSkation roller skates!

    a Crazy Skates Glitter Pop Roller Skate

    Why it's great: The folks behind the scenes are all skaters themselves! Some have even competed at World Championships. Shop DevaSkation for quad roller skates, inline skates, safety gear, wheels, skate parts, skateboards, and more.

    Price: Adult roller skates start at $94.95.

    See all roller skates at DevaSkation.

    14. Riedell Roller Skates make sure you have the roller-skating essentials with each set they sell. Each skate set comes complete with boot, plate, cushions, wheels and bearings. You can even create your own custom Riedell roller skates in their ColorLab.

    One Riedell Zone Roller Skate in black and one in tan
    Riedell Roller Skates

    Why it's great: Riedell is a family-owned and operated business that began in Minnesota in 1945. Now, Riedell is a premiere roller skating shop that offers top-quality products.

    Price: Adult roller skates start at $85.

    See all adult roller skates at Riedell Roller Skates.

    15. Wicked Skatewear is no stranger to the bold. Just check out these Impala roller skates:

    The IMPALA roller skate in Cynthia Rowley Floral
    Wicked Skatewear

    Why it's great: Wicked Skatewear is a woman-owned business that started as a space for roller derby players to get the best skates, protective gear and apparel for their needs, but has since grown into a paradise for skaters of all kinds.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $94.95.

    See all women's roller skates at Wicked Skatewear.

    16. Figure Skating Store has all the roller skate brands you know and then some!

    Figure Skating Store

    Why it's great: Whether you're in it to have fun or to win the gold, the Figure Skating Store has what you need to succeed. From roller skates and figure skating dresses, to travel accessories and protective gear, they'll make sure you're good to go.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $74.99.

    See all women's roller skates at Figure Skating Store.

    17. ProSkaters Place is home to a unique and colorful array of skates for those who believe that this green mode of transportation doesn't have to be boring.

    a CHAYA Sketch Mid-Cut Quad Skate
    ProSkaters Place

    Why it's great: Established in Canada in 2011, ProSkaters Place is committed to green living, which means their minimizing their carbon footprint and byproduct waste during the manufacturing process. So you can stay healthy and make sure the world does, too.

    Price: Women's roller skates start at $49.79.

    See all adult roller skates at ProSkaters Place.

    You're on your way to becoming the next TikTok roller skating star.


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