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33 Ways You Know You're Australian

What Aussies think makes them Aussies. As tweeted via Twitter's globally trending #youknowyoureaustralianwhen hashtag.

1. You say 'Straya instead of Australia.

2. You call McDonald's Maccas.

3. You say "scarnon?" instead of "what's going on?"

4. You go shopping and see a kangaroo.

5. You idolise a 39 year old bloke dressed as a slutty teenage school girl.

6. This guy is a regular visitor and you don't care.

7. You take a selfie with a police officer and this happens.

8. You understand that "chuck a u-ey" is actually a carefully executed driving manoeuvre.

9. The Karl vs Grumpy Cat interview is normal.

This kind of thing happens on TV regularly.

10. You spent your childhood wondering which window they'd look through.

11. This was more fun than playing on the swings.

12. You know the original Hi-5 cast.

And what show these people are from.

13. You think that this guy's got talent.

14. You know who this flamin' galah is.

15. You remember why this guy was just waiting for a mate.

And why this guy said sorry, but didn't take his glasses off.

16. A giraffe taught you about drugs.

17. You think these two are the funniest blokes ever.

18. When you go outside to take a photo this happens.

19. When you go outside in summer this happens.

20. You eat these during summer.

21. You ate FAGS as a kid.

22. You have had this cake at least one of your birthdays.

23. This is what you looked forward to at parties.

24. Having beetroot on a hamburger seems normal.

25. You only go to Bunnings for the sausage sizzle.

26. This is one of the most horrific sights on Earth.

27. Your PM is the suppository of all wisdom.

28. And your previous PM is a One Directioner.

29. The PM falling over was the funniest thing ever.

Until that kid stacked it during the Grand Final.

30. You watched when Amy Parks reported from AAMI Park.

31. And when a goat went to court and won.

32. But the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows are "Not Available in Your Region"


33. Still, at least you'll always have your favourite ad.