19 Reasons Why Arachnophobes Should Give Australia A Miss

Scared of spiders? Maybe score Australia off your bucket list.

1. Australia is home to Earth’s scariest spiders.

This angry fella is a Sydney funnel-web: during an attack it bites repeatedly.


Also, behind your toilet roll.

Even inside your toilet roll. There is no escape.

Do. Not. Lift. The. Seat.

9. Bird eating spiders.

10. Snake eating spiders.

11. Jumping ones.

12. Redbacks. Seven times more toxic than Black Widows.

13. They’re almost impossible to catch.

They flee when approached.

Most attempts end in disaster.

leokimvideo / Via youtube.com

14. Weirdly, some people get used to them.

16. But generally they’re just annoyingly scary.

18. Desperate times require desperate measures.

19. So, what you waiting for?

Come check out our wonderful wildlife!

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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