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29 Stunning Photos From The World's Coolest Light Festival

Oooooooh, look at the lights. So pretty.

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10. The display apparently takes the building "on a dramatic journey through time – from the birth of architecture and civilization through to the pinnacle of human and technological achievement."


14. The building morphs into an interactive and dynamic performance space, coming to life through the use of isometric designs, old school gaming, pop up 3D books and forced perspective.


18. Participants select one of the ‘musical sculptures’ from a touch screen, get onto a platform and ‘play’ the sculpture, bringing it to life in glorious torrents of ever-changing colour, light, form and sound.

20. Cellular Tessellation is an architectural installation that transforms your urban experience as a pedestrian. This softly glowing, geometric form responds to your movements, creating an ever-shifting space of patterned and immersive light.

21. The Geodesic Dome is a unique structure first attempted after World War I. The mathematics and construction of which were then formalised by Buckminster Fuller after World War II.


23. Geo Glow is a geodesic, pixel-mapped light sculpture that puts you in control, letting you design the colour, intensity and special effects of the lights that bring the sculpture to life.


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