These Student Vets Stripped Naked And You'll Wish You Were A Horse Already

    JCU Veterinary Science Class of 2015, we salute you! NSFW cos butts.


    This is the James Cook University Veterinary Science Class of 2015.

    When they're not busy scrubbing up for surgery...

    Or learning more about animals...

    Or studying hard...

    They're getting naked for a good cause!

    The students are fundraising for their graduation ball.

    Ten percent of profits will be donated to the Black River and Districts Rural Fire Brigade.

    The first shoot took place at photographer Vicki Miller's property in north Queensland.

    "We were buzzing with nerves and excitement when we arrived at the property, not quite knowing what to expect. When it came time to take the first photo, only the bravest in the class volunteered," said Davey.

    What was it like getting nude together?

    Davey told BuzzFeed, "Leading up to the shoot, I think most of us had this idea in our heads that we could probably wear underwear for most of the pictures, and strategically place objects or animals to make it look like we were naked. We were all thrown a little out of our comfort zones when, for the very first photo, Vicki instructed the students to take EVERYTHING off, and go and stand in the paddock with a bunch of cattle. From that point on, we just had to deal with the fact that we were totally naked with our classmates."

    "Thankfully, our class if full of wonderful people, and it was a hugely positive experience. Everyone was so supportive of one another."

    "I think it did a great deal for anyone with body image or self confidence issues. Each time Vicki finished a shoot, the rest of the class would cheer and clap for the 'models' in that shot. It really was a fun experience, there were smiles all round," she said.

    "I think the calendar has had a very positive impact on our class, and I do believe it has brought us closer together. We signed off on the final draft of the calendar today, and printing will begin on Monday, so we are extremely excited to start posting them out to all the wonderful people who have ordered so far."

    Good luck with your exams, guys!