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    21 Pictures That Prove Australia Is God's Own F*cking Country

    Yep, this is The Lucky Country.

    1. Where else would the cops get involved in a bit of street cricket?

    2. Where else would one child so accurately sum up how an entire nation thinks about politics?

    3. And the biggest arguments be settled with a bit of biffo?

    4. Where else do people go above and beyond the call of duty?

    5. And get to vote in their boardies?

    6. Who on Earth puns like this?

    7. What other nation's newspapers print letters like this?

    8. Where else has posties as good as ours?

    9. Faiths as friendly as this?

    10. Where else would a party run look like this?

    11. Cash look like this?

    12. And cops look like this on May the 4th?

    13. Forget foie gras — Australia's national cuisine is next level.

    Yes, that is Milo ice cream.

    14. AGREE?

    Case closed.

    15. Where else do people come up with entertainment like this?

    16. And look out for everyone at Christmas like this?

    17. Does your country have a cat with a map on its nose?

    18. Or rocking "horses" modelled on native wildlife?

    19. Where else does the church take on media tycoons?

    20. Where else are serving suggestions so bloody helpful?

    21. And who laughs in the face of danger more than Australians?

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