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44 Things You Only Know If You’re From Far North Queensland

Lush, tropical and green, FNQ is paradise on Earth. Ain't that so?

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1. This is the only way to get around.

2. These guys are your constant companions.

3. You never know who you'll see down the beach.

Jenny Dean / Via

4. Cassowaries should be avoided at all costs.

You don't mess with a bird as big as a car.

5. Cairns Esplanade is NOT suitable for swimming.

Marc McCormack/The Cairns Post

6. The lagoon is the only safe place to swim in Cairns.

7. Holding triathlons in crocodile infested waters makes PERFECT sense.

8. The sea is generally worth avoiding.

9. Outside or inside the nets. Just stay on the beach.


10. You should never park under a flying fox colony.

Repeat: Never Park Under Sleeping Bats.

11. Spiders are everywhere.

12. Mozzies are massive.

13. Big snakes live in most roofs.

Brendan Francis / Newspix

14. Pretty much every living thing is dangerous.


16. Cyclones aren't worth getting out of bed for unless they're a Category 3 or above.

17. And even then, the correct response is defiance.

18. The Big Wet is actually a lot of fun.


19. Particularly when it means you can't go to school.

Derek Weeks / Twitter

20. "Sorry, can't come to work today, road flooded."


21. Though the rain can get annoying when it drowns out the TV.

22. And fighting mould is a full-time battle during The Wet.

23. Far Northeners are refreshingly direct.

24. Going shoeless is de rigueur.

25. Though sometimes not without its drawbacks.


26. You don't get too excited about politics.

27. But you like that local MP Bob Katter is such a big supporter of gay rights.

28. You can buy snakes off noticeboards.

29. Fresh-off-the-trawler Coral Sea prawns out the back of a car. For $15 a kilo.

30. Tropical bouquets cost just $15 too.

31. This is the only way to buy mangoes.

Benjamin Law / Via

32. If you're paying more than $2 for anything, you're being ripped off.

33. Which is why you should always buy in bulk.

34. Native wildlife is there for eating.

35. Parking tickets are outrageously expensive.

Paul Cockrem

36. You can drive two days North without getting anywhere.

Charlie McKillop / / Via

37. And then you fall off the tip of Australia.

38. You can enjoy the Great Barrier Reef and the world's oldest rainforest. On the same day!

39. FNQ has the best bugs in the world.

40. Including the beautiful Ulysses butterfly.

41. And the GIGANTIC Hercules Moth.

Christina Zdenek / Via

42. Far North Queensland's beaches are spectacular. And empty.

43. Sunrises are AMAZING.

44. Life just moves at a different pace: FNQ is the best!