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23 Things To Love About Iggy Azalea

Australian singer Amethyst Amelia is bossing the USA. Onya Iggy!

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1. She's dating an NBA superstar.

4. Plus some guy who was big in 2013.

5. She's basically hanging out with the crème de la crème of American society. And these guys.

6. She's eating In-N-Out Burgers. Every. Single. Day.

7. But only 'cos she can't get Pollo Tropical in LA.

"When will you be in LA so I can eat you. #MyFavoriteThing"

8. And making sure there's no teeth on the meat.

9. She gets around in a chopper.

10. And she's got her own monogrammed gown!

11. People are making t-shirts with her face on them! Not bad for a girl from rural New South Wales.

12. People are even getting inked.

13. Her braid game is on point.

14. She's got a Beverly Hills leather jacket.

15. She's wearing cowboy hats.

16. And Calvin Klein undies.

17. She's selling out every venue she plays.

18. They're even naming hotels after her.

19. She's top of the charts. BITCHES!

22. But she's not forgotten her roots.

23. The American Dream. Open to all. Just dream!