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    These Stunning Pictures Will Shatter Your Perception Of Opera

    Think opera is dull? Wait to see you see the sun rise out of Sydney Harbour.

    A bizarre sun has risen over Sydney Harbour.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    It rose behind a giant stage built over the water.

    et Design by Alfons Flores / Opera Australia

    The enormous 12m high inflatable sun is a prop in Madama Butterfly, an outdoor opera performed on a temporary stage built on Australia's most famous waterway.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    The very 21st century interpretation of Puccini's 1903 opera stars Japanese soprano Hiromi Omura as Cio-Cio-San.

    Vincent Bousserez / Opera Australia

    As well as the giant sun, the opera also features a huge moon.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    The moon rises during the iconic Madama Butterfly Lovers Duet.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    The inflatable sun was built in Spain before being shipped to Australia.

    Opera Australia

    The sun has its own barge and ‘Orb Master’ who controls inflation from within.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    Featuring a 1276 square metre stage, Japanese bamboo forest, two working cars, two cranes, a live orchestra and fireworks during every performance, Madama Butterfly is set to dazzle.

    Opera Australia

    Fireworks?! Oh yes. This was La Traviata in 2012.

    La Traviata / Opera Australia

    And this was Carmen last year. Wow.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    Carmen attracted tens of thousands who had never previously attended an opera.

    James Morgan / Opera Australia

    Opera under the stars overlooking the famous Sydney Opera House. Amazing right?!

    Opera Australia

    Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: Madama Butterfly plays March 21 to April 12, 2014. Tickets $79 - $350 from

    Watch a sneak preview here.

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