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Just 17 Funny Tweets About Australia's PM Roasting Donald Trump

"There's always a leak" – @HouseofCards.

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FYI: Aussie prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught on tape impersonating Donald Trump at an off-the-record charity dinner.


"the midwinter ball is off the record, so journalists, please don't report anything that happens toni--" Laurie Oa…


@TurnbullMalcolm There's always a leak.


the audio, leaked by someone who wanted to only be identified as Toney A - puts our prime minister in a negative light


Anyone else wondering if the leaked Turnbull audio that Laurie Oakes broadcast came in an envelope smelling of raw onions?


I just love how much Laurie Oakes does not give a shit



Perhaps now Canberra will learn that there is, and never will be, a bigger badass than Laurie Oakes.


im going to suck laurie oakes's big beautiful dick


PM: Should I do this gear about Trump? Staffer: Yeah, absolutely. It's funny, and I definitely won't record it and give it to Laurie Oakes.


malcolm's aides quickly hurry him off the stage as he moves onto his Xi Jinping impression


trump pulled out of paris over a damn handshake australia's gonna get nuked over this for sure


an hour and change until he wakes up to take a shit and sees what Malcolm did, peace out everybody it's been real


Turnbull sucks up to Trump in public & does this behind his back. Again proving he is a messy bitch who loves the drama


bad news: Trump saw the Turnbull thing and has declared Australia to now officially be a part of the middle east


Spicer: "Mr President, Michael Turnip was recorded making fun of you." Trump: "Can we invade?" Spicer: "Troops on the ground already, sir."


Turnbull characterising his speech as "affectionately lighthearted". Says next year he'll read "selected passages from budget paper No 2".


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