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23 Inspirational Signs From The Church Championing Gay Marriage

Gosford Anglican Church brings you the Word of God. Religion with a twist.

1. An Australian church is ruffling feathers.

2. The snappy signs have won Gosford Anglican Church thousands of Facebook likes.

3. They're the work of Gosford's Father Rod Bower.

4. Rod channels the Word of God.

5. Via Facebook. With a twist.

6. Father Rod understands the power of words.

7. He's a Dead Set Legend. And a Radical Inclusivist.

8. Rod's been supporting gay Christians for years.

9. He supports hetrosexual marriage equality too.

10. Father Rod extends a compassionate hand to all.

11. He's even happy to help Australia's Prime Minister.

12. And keep on trying if the PM doesn't hear.

13. The Parish of Gosford has broad horizons.

14. And works with others for Middle East peace.

15. When times are tough Gosford rallies...

16. And sends love across the water.

17. The church cares about the environment too.

18. And is baffled by the Climate Commission's axing.

19. Gosford Anglican Church opposes fracking too.

20. This year the church cryptically encouraged its constituents to reconsider spirituality at Halloween.

21. August's pre-election message to Rupert Murdoch was a little clearer.

22. But it's Father Rod's passionate support of gay rights that is winning him friends globally.

23. Bless You Father: great work mate!

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