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59 Reasons Living In Sydney Ruins You For Life

Beaches, the harbour, and fantastic food. You'll never want to leave.

1. Because you get used to waking to skies like this every morning...

Jong Soo Lee / Flickr: lutherankorean / Creative Commons

2. ...going for your morning run on days like this...

Getty Images / Ryan Pierse

3. ...beginning your day bobbing around in this...

4. ...or battling morning traffic like this.

Alexander Kesselaar / Flickr: akc77 / Creative Commons

5. Because Sydney is surrounded by water...

Mi..chael / Flickr: rayofsun / Creative Commons

...water, water, EVERYWHERE...

Flickr: dullhunk / Creative Commons
Flickr: alanandanders / Creative Commons

6. you can commute to work like this.

Richard Taylor / Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Creative Commons

(No, the view out of the train window does not look like this.)

Richard Taylor / Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Creative Commons

7. Because you share your veranda with these guys...

Flickr: cskk / Creative Commons

8. ...and your parks with these guys.

Luis Jou García / Flickr: luisjoujr / Creative Commons

9. Because winter looks like this...

Flickr: bishi / Creative Commons

10. ...and whatever the season, there are always blue skies...

Neerav Bhatt / Flickr: neeravbhatt / Creative Commons

11. ...and dazzling colours (something is flowering all year round!).

Graeme O. Churchard / Flickr: graeme / Creative Commons

12. Because Sydney's prime real estate is home to the Royal Botanic Gardens – free and open to all.

Chris Ting / Flickr: sydneysnapshots / Creative Commons

13. Because we are living on ancient land and can still see traces.

Emmett Anderson / Flickr: emmettanderson / Creative Commons
Emmett Anderson / Flickr: emmettanderson / Creative Commons

14. Because our free public art is amazing.

Rodney Campbell / Flickr: rodneycampbell / Creative Commons

(Seriously winter, hurry up already, we can't wait for Vivid 2015!)

Louise Docker / Flickr: aussiegall / Creative Commons
Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

15. Because there is no better place to be gay.

William West / Getty Images

16. And Sydney's Mardi Gras is the best Mardi Gras!

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images
William West / Getty Images

17. Because AFL may be "Melbourne's game", but Sydney made it beautiful.

Getty Images / Matt King

18. And what other city has 10 different teams competing in a national league?

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

19. Because Christmas Day looks like this...

Flickr: lukechanchan / Creative Commons

20. ...and Christmas trees like this.

Getty Images / Don Arnold

21. Because New Year's Eve looks like this...

Sacha Fernandez / Flickr: sacharules / Creative Commons

22. ...and your New Year's Day recovery session like this.

Getty Images / Torsten Blackwood

23. Because Sydney is basically foodie heaven.

From Palm Beach to Bondi, you'll never eat as well anywhere else.

24. Because Sydney Fish Market is so good that Japanese buyers come early to grab the best stuff for Tokyo's Tsukiji.

Philip Bouchard / Flickr: pbouchard / Creative Commons
Kyota Tanaka / Flickr: tanack / Creative Commons

25. Because you can shop at the most incredible butcher on earth.

26. And Paddy's Market in Chinatown is the best place in the Western world to stock up on Asian groceries.

Peter Hindmarsh / Flickr: hindmarsh / Creative Commons

27. Because once you've eaten a Ginger Brulee Tart at Bourke Street Bakery you've basically died and gone to heaven already.

Edward Kimber / Flickr: woodwood / Creative Commons

28. Because Sydney's hottest restaurants are in the suburbs, not the CBD.

Flickr: fuzzhead / Creative Commons

Ester in Chippendale? Sixpenny in Stanmore? YES PLEASE!

29. And if you want to eat posh, you can enjoy the world's greatest view. With Australia's best desserts.

30. Because you never need to drink the same drink twice.

The Baxter Inn, Lobo Plantation, and Bulletin Place are at the vanguard of the CBD's small bar renaissance.

31. Because Cabramatta is the (second) best place in the world to eat Vietnamese food.

Fiona Bradley / Flickr: blisspix / Creative Commons
Flickr: 83823904@N00 / Creative Commons

32. Because you could happily spend the rest of your life on the Inner West coffee trail.

33. And the only place better than Lakemba for Lebanese food is Beirut.

Flickr: t_lawrie / Creative Commons
Flickr: haynes / Creative Commons

34. Because fish 'n' chips anywhere else is just plain wrong.

Travis / Flickr: variationblogr

Manly Beach = World's Greatest Outdoor Diner.

35. Because the ultimate hipster beer is brewed right here.


37. Because you can eat the World's Greatest Gelato. Every. Single. Day.

38. Oh wait: The new official WORLD'S BEST GELATO is made by these blokes at Enmore's Cow and the Moon Dessert Bar.

39. Because Sydneysiders can choose from more than 100 beaches, from Palm Beach in the north...

Andre & Anita Nieuwland / Flickr: neetsandre / Creative Commons

...via Avalon and Tamarama...

Ian Sanderson / Flickr: iansand / Creative Commons
Flickr: threthny / Creative Commons Cronulla in the south.

Alexander Kesselaar / Flickr: akc77 / Creative Commons

40. Plus dozens of harbour beaches, including secret spots such as Milk Beach.

Flickr: jayphen / Creative Commons

41. Because there are incredible outdoor pools everywhere.

Dan / Flickr: mrdan / Creative Commons

42. And more than 30 ocean rock pools.

Sacha Fernandez / Flickr: sacharules / Creative Commons

43. So there's always a swimming option, even when the sea is too rough.

Michelle / Flickr: mickitakespictures / Creative Commons

44. Because book swaps look like this.

baddogwhiskas / Flickr: 22179952@N00 / Creative Commons

45. Because if you enter Gould's Book Arcade, you're never coming out.

Flickr: newtown_grafitti / Creative Commons
Flickr: newtown_grafitti / Creative Commons

46. Because boutique shopping looks like this.

Luke Zeme / Flickr: lukezemephotography / Creative Commonos

47. Because Melbourne isn't the only city with amazing laneways.

Nicki Mannix / Flickr: nickimm / Creative Commons

48. Because Sydney boasts world-class art collections.

Pedro Szekely / Flickr: pedrosz / Creative Commons

49. Because there's an amazing funfair right in the heart of the city.

Roger Price / Flickr: rwp-roger / Creative Commons

50. Because where else can you say "meet you at the Coke sign" and people know what the hell you're talking about?

Luke Zeme / Flickr: lukezemephotography / Creative Commons

51. Because the world's most dramatic clifftop coastal walk is on your doorstep.

Flickr: karlnorling

Bondi to Coogee, 6km to nirvana.

52. And the city is surrounded by national parks an hour away to the north, south, and west.

Richard Gifford / Flickr: rgifford / Creative Commons
Flickr: sydneydawg2006 / Creative Commons

Kuringai Chase, Blue Mountains, Royal National Park. So much nature!

53. Because where else does a zoo overlook the CBD?

Getty Images / Mark Nolan

54. Because Sydney kites look like this.

Joseph Younis / Flickr: strike1 / Creative Commons

55. Because Sydney has "the finest harbour in the world, in which a thousand sail of the line may ride in the most perfect security".

Richard Taylor / Flickr: 34094515@N00 / Creative Commons

Meaning you can do this in perfect safety any day you damn well like.

Glenn Crouch / Flickr: crouchy69 / Creative Commons
Ian Sanderson / Flickr: iansand / Creative Commons

56. Because you get to look at the most beautiful building on earth.

Pedro Szekely / Flickr: pedrosz / Creative Commons


Flickr: malbooth / Creative Commons
Jean-Jacques Halans / Flickr: halans / Creative Commons

57. And cross a marvel of engineering every single day...

Michael Rawle / Flickr: michaelrawle / Creative Commons

...that never fails to take your breath away. Pretty spesh.

Susan / Flickr: 53368913@N05 / Creative Commons

58. Because every so often crazy shit like this happens...

Flickr: nswmaritime / Creative Commons

...and people just carry on with their daily routine as normal.

Ryan Lahiff /

Like, seriously guys, THE SKY IS FULL OF RED DUST!

Flickr: amygunson / Creative Commons
Flickr: pommychris / Creative Commons

59. Because Sydney sunsets will give you goosebumps.

Don Shearman / Flickr: donshearman / Creative Commons


Flickr: sophieinsydney / Creative Commons


Jenka Eich / Flickr: jenka-eich / Creative Commons


Ame A. Photography / Flickr: 100034860@N07 / Creative Commons

No city can beat Sydney for beauty, beaches, and effortless cool. Its attractions and gorgeousness have ruined you. So smile: You're a Sydneysider forever.

Clint Sharp / Flickr: clintsharp / Creative Commons

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