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How Well Do You Know Australia Actually?

No, you may not use Google Maps.

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  1. 1. In which state is the most northerly point?

    Northern Territory
    Western Australia
  2. 2. The most northerly point is?

    The Tip
    The Top
    The Top End
  3. 3. The most southerly point on the mainland is in?

    South Australia
  4. 4. The most southerly point is?

    Flickr: stephrev / Creative Commons
    Wilsons Promontory
    Wilsons Ridge
    Wilsons Rock
  5. 5. At 7.7 million square km, Australia's land mass is?

    Postcard / imgur.com
    6 times greater than the United Kingdom
    16 times greater than the United Kingdom
    32 times greater than the United Kingdom
  6. 6. At 2228m, the highest point on the mainland is?

    Flickr: splatt / Creative Commons
    Mount Kosciuscko
    Mount Kosciuszko
    Mount Townsend
  7. 7. At 15 metres below sea level, the lowest point is?

    Benjamin Jakabek / Creative Commons
    Lake Disappointment, WA
    Lake Eyre, SA
    Lake Warburton, SA
  8. 8. At 3,490m the highest point on Australian territory is?

    Google Maps
    Mt McClintock, Australian Antarctic Territory
    Mt Menzies, Australian Antarctic Territory
    Mawson's Peak, Heard Island
  9. 9. How much of Australia's land mass is classed as desert?

    Flickr: jwbenwell / Creative Commons
  10. 10. At 348,750 square km Australia's largest desert is?

    Jacques Descloitres / NASA
    Great Sandy Desert
    Great Victoria Desert
    Simpson Desert
  11. 11. The world's largest monolith is?

    Flickr: paolo_rosa / Creative Commons
    Mount Augustus, WA
    Mount Coolum, QLD
    Uluru, NT
  12. 12. At 2508 km, Australia's longest river is?

    Flickr: dittmars / Creative Commons
    Darling River
    Murray River
    Murrumbidgee River
  13. 13. Excluding the state of Tasmania, Australia's largest island is?

    Landsat 7
    Groote Eylandt, NT
    Kangaroo Island, SA
    Melville Island, NT
  14. 14. The world's largest sand island is?

    Flickr: enjosmith / Creative Commons
    Fraser Island, QLD
    Moreton Island, QLD
    North Stradbroke Island, QLD
  15. 15. And which state has the most islands – 3747 in total?

    Flickr: rikpiks / Creative Commons
    Western Australia
  16. 16. At 268m, Australia's highest waterfall is?

    Flickr: tm-tm / Creative Commons
    Jim Jim Falls, NT
    Wallaman Falls, QLD
    Wollomombi Falls, NSW
  17. 17. At 5,896,500km, Australia's largest state or territory is?

    Australian Antarctic Territory
    Northern Territory
    Western Australia
  18. 18. Excluding offshore islands, Australia has how many kilometres of coastline?

    Flickr: daveclarkecb / Creative Commons
    21,262 km
    27,244 km
    34,218 km
  19. 19. With an annual average rainfall of 4,279mm, the wettest town in Australia is?

    Flickr: johnske / Creative Commons
    Babinda, QLD
    Bulman, NT
    Tully, QLD
  20. 20. With a record 50.7°C (123.3 F), the "driest town in the driest state of the driest continent" is?

    Flickr: neeravbhatt / Creative Commons
    Finke, NT
    Marble Bar, WA
    Oodnadatta, SA

How Well Do You Know Australia Actually?


You are either American, British or weren't paying attention in class. Don't give anyone directions, they're bound to get lost.

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You (just about) know Queensland from Western Australia, but you're not someone to get us safely across the Nullabor.

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You know roughly where everything is and have a pretty solid grasp of Australian geography: just study those maps harder.

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You are clearly a Grade A student and a person to trust with navigational duties on a crossing of the Great Sandy Desert.

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