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23 Photos That Will Make You Question If Australia Is Even Real

And not a snake, spider or shark in sight.

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1. When this story hit the news.

2. When these astronomers cracked this mystery.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images / Via

3. When the CSIRO proved it's the Ministry of Dank Memes.

4. When "Operation Sovereign Borders" got ridiculous.

5. When the "Dogs As Croc Bait" yarn wasn't the day's biggest.

6. When Tasmanian industry suffered a crippling loss.

7. When compulsory voting delivered again.

8. When a hardened criminal was on the loose.

9. When a guy robbed a servo with a boomerang.

10. When two Queenslanders were arrested for this.

11. When this armed robber went back for seconds.

12. When this man was charged for driving without a steering wheel.

SA Police / Via

13. When this driverless car got a speeding ticket.

14. When this party went off.

15. When Woolies got blitzed.

16. When cyclists got served.

17. When this guy got WAY outside his comfort zone.

18. When someone asked Bill Gates this.

19. When Adelaide lived up to its reputation.

20. When these unusual crop circles were spotted.

21. When Starbucks Australia debuted this.

22. When Coles discounting was out of control.

23. And when Australia took sacrilege to a whole new level.

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