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    19 Snakes You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Australia's legless lizards are off the hook.

    1. This guy who totally crushed the beers last night.

    2. And his mate, who was still going when the sun came up.

    Arid Recovery / Via

    3. This guy who got so trashed he thinks he's a speed bump.

    4. This pair and their gratuitous displays of public affection.

    5. This python who keeps losing his ball over your fence.

    6. This neighbour who keeps popping around uninvited.

    7. This dude who doesn't clean up after himself.

    8. This confused carpet python who doesn't know where the fuck he is.

    9. This guy who's Tinder date went badly wrong.

    10. This guy who thinks he's the claw in Toy Story.

    11. This guy who thinks he's a fucking water taxi.

    12. This busybody who can't stop interfering in the kitchen.

    13. This dude who went to the wrong barbecue.

    Newcastle and Hunter Animal Control / Via

    14. This guy whose table manners leave a lot to be desired.

    Marvin Muller / Barcroft

    15. This fella who ignored his mum's advice about talking to strangers.

    16. This guy regretting taking that short cut home.

    17. This guy who keeps picking on random passers-by.

    NT Parks & Wildlife

    18. This bro who keeps picking on his own brethren.

    19. And this guy, who's always biting off more than he can chew.

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