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39 Signs You Grew Up In Australia In The '80s

When Scott and Charlene got married. And other defining moments.

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1. You wanted to be a breakdancer.

2. Or a body popper.

Celebration of a Nation 1988 / Via

3. Or a BMX Bandit.

Umbrella Entertainment / Via

Judy was basically Jesus on a bike.

Umbrella Entertainment

4. Spokey Dokeys made your wheels come alive!

5. The ghetto blaster ruled your world.


6. Your Mum walking in mid-taping was disastrous.

7. New Kids On The Block had the right stuff.

Columbia Records / Via

8. You cried when Scott and Charlene got married.

Grundy Television.

9. The kiss is still your favourite TV moment ever.

Grundy Television

Kylie and Jason were just legendary.

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10. Saturday mornings were all about RAGE.

Rage / ABC TV / Via

11. You lusted after Collette's fluorescent lycra shorts.

C'mon! Collette ROCKED!

12. Molly Meldrum was King.

Countdown / ABC TV

13. Your weekend wasn't complete without Hey Hey It's Saturday.

Hey Hey It's Saturday / Nine Network

14. Funny Photos was the best bit.

Hey Hey It's Saturday / Nine Network / Via

15. You loved watching Young Talent Time.

Young Talent Time / Ten

16. So you remember when Dannii was more famous than Kylie.

Dannii Minogue / Young Talent Time 1985 / Via

17. You watched the first episode of Home and Away.

Seven Network / Via

18. You even remember the original credits.

Seven Network / Via

19. You used to race home from school to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nickelodeon Australia / Via

20. You loved The Wonder Years.

The Wonder Years / Via

21. But A Country Practise was the best.

Ten Network / Via

Particularly the wombat called Fatso.

Ten Network

22. You wore leg warmers every day, even in summer.

23. There was nothing cooler than denim on denim.

24. Until you discovered Lacoste polos in every conceivable colour.

25. You died inside if someone else wore the same scrunchy.

26. You spent hours crimping your hair.

Conair Hairstyling Tools /

27. Or perfecting your fringe.

28. Or working on your spiral perm.

Getty Images

Everyone wanted to look like Nicole.

Umbrella Entertainment / Via

29. You loved Wizz Fizz.

30. Before there were Slurpees there were Icees.

31. Chiko Rolls were the best treat ever.

32. Your greatest gymnastic feats were onboard the Hills Hoist.

Hours and hours, round and round.

33. You played Elastics until the sun went down.

34. Nothing made you happier than marbles.


35. Except maybe roller disco.

36. And synchronised skipping.

37. The Bicentenary basically felt like coming of age.

Channel Nine / Via

38. Expo 88 was the greatest event of the decade.

Particularly riding the monorail.

Brisbane Development / Via

39. And even if you knew nothing about sport you knew Alan Border was The Greatest.