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    Updated on 25 Aug 2020. Posted on 29 Dec 2014

    Teenager Found Dead After Shark Attack In Western Australia

    Police investigating circumstances surrounding fatality at Cheynes Beach, WA.

    Jay Muscat, 17, was spearfishing when a large great white shark, up to five metres long, attacked.


    The 17-year-old was killed at Cheynes Beach near Albany, 470km southeast of Perth.

    According to the ABC: Muscat was "pulled from the water by a fisherman, but confirmed dead by police once he was brought ashore."

    Friends remembered Muscat as a guy "who was always the life of the party".

    Albany Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the teenagers death.

    Facebook: WA.Police

    A member of the public informed police at 12:20pm (AWST time) Monday that they had found a deceased male in the water.

    According to WA Police: "The man appears to have an injury to his body. Based on an initial assessment it appears the injury is consistent with a shark bite, however further assessment will need to be made to confirm this."

    A WA Police spokesman said the victim was 17-year-old Muscat and that they had made contact with his family.

    “Based on information we have been able to gather so far, it appears the deceased was diving and/or spear fishing in the area, with another person nearby.”

    “It is believed a shark approached both of them, and at that time the deceased appears to have received a shark bite injury.

    “The second person is not believed to have received any serious injuries.”

    According to The West Australian, the pair were spearfishing near a rocky outcrop known as Three Stripes.

    "A worker at the local caravan park said sharks were not commonly seen in the area, except for a few bronze whalers," reported the newspaper.

    The death is the fourth fatal shark attack in Australia in 2014.

    Mossman teen Daniel Smith died while spearfishing in FNQ / Via Facebook

    December 15, 2014: Daniel Smith, 18, killed while spear fishing at Rudder Reef, off the coast of Port Douglas, Far North Queensland.

    September 9, 2014: Paul Wilcox, 50, attacked while swimming off Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay, New South Wales. Witnesses reported a 3m shark in the area immediately after the attack.

    April 3, 2014: Christine Armstrong, 63 taken by a suspected bronze whaler shark during her daily swim at Tathra Beach, New South Wales.

    Last year commercial fishermen pulled a 4m, 760kg great white shark from herring nets near Cheynes Beach.

    Toni Wheatcroft

    Cheynes Beach is a remote area, 65km east of Albany, best known for its caravan park.

    Cheynes Beach: an isolated holiday spot with limited phone reception, difficult terrain for authorities @abcnewsPerth

    Courtney Bembridge@courtbembridgeFollow

    Cheynes Beach: an isolated holiday spot with limited phone reception, difficult terrain for authorities @abcnewsPerth

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    Location of Cheynes Beach.

    Google Maps

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