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    19 Times Kangaroos Proved They're Actually Assholes

    Australia's iconic marsupial is a bit of a dick.

    1. This bloke rubbing it in the other bloke's face.

    2. This friendly little bloke at the petting zoo.

    3. This asshole kicking a poor unsuspecting kid.

    4. This guy kicking the shit out of a goose.

    5. This guy stealing an emu's lunch.

    6. This guy taking play-fighting way too far.

    7. This guy stealing and then kicking nuts.

    8. And this guy, pulling off the same move.

    9. This guy showing this kid who's boss.

    10. And this guy, demonstrating the theory again.

    11. This wanker.

    12. This guy kicking a golfer into a lake.

    13. This guy being a total jerk at the beach.

    14. This guy splashing in puddles, stealing fast food, and generally just being a total dick.

    15. This guy totally ruining the meal.

    16. This guy cheating at pat-a-cake.

    17. This guy bitch slapping his mate.

    18. This guy dropping the ball.

    19. And this guy trying to drown a dog.

    Update: the angry roo then put the dog's owner in hospital!

    C'mon guys, raise your game. This is how to do it...

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