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29 Times Queensland Smashed The World Instameet Record

Here's why the Sunshine State bows to no one. #ThisIsQueensland.

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1. More than a thousand people joined 89 Instameets around Queensland on Saturday.

2. Aiming to beat a record held by San Diego, photographers met-up to showcase Queensland in all its glory.

3. The Great Barrier Reef figured prominently.

4. As did the coast (Queensland has 6,973 km of coastline).

5. More than 1000 people got involved.

6. Including some first time Instagramers.

7. Some participants took to the skies to shoot Fraser Island, the world's biggest sand island.

8. The day kicked off with sunrise shots a plenty, from Winton in the outback...

9. the Whitsundays, where mermaids apparently exist.

10. London-based travel photographer Adrienne Pitts joined the northernmost meet-up, at Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland.

11. Cowboys pondered the day ahead.

12. Kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough were up early.

13. Participants couldn't contain their excitement.

14. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE!!!!!?

15. Some of Queensland's unique wildlife joined the party.

16. Yep, there were cassowaries.

19. Of course Nemo came to the party.

20. Kangaroos were all like "whatever".

21. Even dogs got involved.

22. Gavin the photo-bombing parrot fish got involved.

24. Some insane vistas were captured, like this 360 degree stereoscopic image of Mackay Botanical Gardens.

25. According to Tourism Queensland, there were 89 events statewide, with 3000+ pictures uploaded before 09:00, smashing the previous record.

26. The event generated some amazing photos: like this guy showing the safest way to suntan, under the moon's rays.

29. You really are the second to none.