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    Cats Used To Have The Best View In Sydney

    Million dollar views, nine lives useful.

    Back in 1957 a cat named George lived on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    Dennis Rowe / Hulton Archive

    George had BALLS OF STEEL.

    Flickr: crouchy69 / Creative Commons

    And the best view in the city.

    Dennis Rowe / Hulton Archive

    According to cat website Purr 'n' Fur, George guarded a wishing well at Lookout Point on the Bridge's south-east pylon.

    The "World-Famous White Cats" featured prominently in Pylon Lookout publicity material.

    Turns out George wasn't the first cat to live on the bridge.

    In 1951 The Sunday Herald revealed that twin white cats Bridget and Pylon were living on the pylon parapet.

    "If one cat wants to pass the other, she risks death by leaping over her twin's back," reported the paper.

    The cats were popular with sightseers.

    Here's how the view looks today (well, fairly recently).

    TL;DR: cats lived on Australia's most famous bridge!

    Richard Harrington / Hulton Archive

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