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World's Cutest Baby Recovers After Attack By Bloodthirsty Chickens

Yep, chooks are basically velociraptors.

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This beautiful little baby echidna was brought to Sydney's Taronga Zoo earlier this month with scratches over its tummy and back legs, after being attacked by a brood of bloodthirsty chickens in a backyard near Newcastle. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ˜¬

After emergency first aid the puggle – still too young for vets to determine its gender – made a remarkable recovery in the care of Taronga Wildlife Hospital supervisor Annabelle Sehlmeier. πŸ€• πŸš‘ πŸ™Œ

β€œNormally a baby echidna would feed every three to five days, but this little one wants to feed every day," said Annabelle. "I guess it’s making up for lost time." 🍼 🍼 🍼 🍼 🍼 😍